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2023 Senior League Winter G2 and G3 Registration


Beginning this winter, Senior League Grade 2 and Grade 3 players must register individually online before the season begins if they wish to play. Please see below for important league information.

You will need a CIHA online account to register. If you don't have one, please see the Registration Guide to create one.

Click to  REGISTER FOR G2 

Click to  REGISTER FOR G3 


Important Updates to Senior League Winter G2 and G3​ Seasons

League Format

Winter 2023 G2 and G3 leagues are expected to have 6 teams each, but the final number of teams will depend upon the number of registrations. Rosters will be capped at 14 full season players per team (13 skaters + goalie), plus each team may have up to 4 named casual players. 


No player will be allowed to participate in a game, including casual players, unless they have registered in advance online and received team assignment confirmation from CIHA. A player can only play on one team in a grade level and must register as either a Full Season player or as a Casual player, not both. 

Full Season Skaters and Goalies

Players must register in advance and financially commit to the season in order to be assigned a playing spot on a team. Players registering after the league is fully subscribed will be placed on a waiting list and may be offered a position if one becomes available, or upon request of a team manager.

Players may select their preferred team during registration (if invited by the team manager) or register as Free Agents and be placed on a team in need of players. CIHA will work with team managers to understand roster preferences, and CIHA reserves the right to make final decisions on player assignments, including Free Agents. 

Goalies receive a substantial discount on registration fees. Goalies may register with their preferred team or as a Free Agent just like a skater, and are expected to play for their assigned team on a regular basis. Any registered goalie may substitute for any other registered goalie to cover absences, however.

Casual Skaters

Skaters must register in advance as Casuals and pay a one-time casual player fee for the season that enables them to act as a casual skater for a team, but does not guarantee or pay for any games. Casuals should select their preferred team during registration (if invited by the team manager) or register as Free Agents and the CIHA will assign them to a team as a Casual if there is space. Teams are limited to 4 casual skaters each.


When are Casuals able to play? Casuals can only play a game if at least one full season player is not playing that game. A Full Season player who is unable to play a game should inform the team manager who will arrange to have one of the team’s casual players take their spot for the game. The manager will collect a game fee from the casual player, which should be equal to the cost of the game, for the purpose of reimbursing the absent Full Time player. The team manager is expected to rotate casual player substitutions to provide equal playing opportunities for Casuals on their team.



Managers still have overall responsibility for their teams, including sorting jerseys for their players and arranging and collecting payments from Casuals who are substituting for full season players, but are otherwise not financially responsible for collecting or paying their team’s playing fees. 


League Adjustments

Since this method of league operation is new to Grades 2 and 3, it is possible that some adjustments will be necessary, particularly in light of unforeseen circumstances. In such cases the CIHA will generally work with a Grade’s Senior League Subcommittee representative and the team managers to determine the best course of action for the league, but CIHA has final authority on all league matters.


Expected Format and Fees
  • 6 teams expected in each of G2 and G3 (possibly more depending on the number of registrations)

  • 13 skaters per team, plus one goalie

  • Fees will reflect expected costs, as always, including typical operating overruns (such as late-off-ice charges). The budget approach is the same as in the past, except that fees are calculated on a per-player payment basis so all players on all teams within a grade pay the same price.

  • Fees are determined in advance and displayed during registration for transparency and to give players confidence around total costs when committing to a season.

  • Goalies pay half price.

  • Early registration gives a discount off the total registration cost.

  • Full prepayment for the season also gives a discount off the total cost. Players can instead choose a periodic instalment payment plan, but will not receive the prepayment discount.


Player Assignment Process
  • Players can select a team from a drop down box during online registration, or may choose to register as a Free Agent and be assigned to a team.

  • Team managers submit a team list to CIHA’s Senior League Director and inform their players they must register online by the Team Preference Deadline (see below). Players not registered by the Team Preference Deadline will forfeit their preferred spot, which may be assigned to a Free Agent if the team is not full.

  • CIHA will work with Managers to assign Free Agents. Depending on the number, this may operate as a mini-draft. CIHA has final discretion on assignments. The goal is to help balance the teams as well as provide a continued positive team dynamic for established teams.

  • Players who wish to join a league after the deadline for initial rostering may be assigned to a team that is not fully rostered at CIHA’s discretion.


2023 Key Dates (Subject to Change)
  • Advanced registration and payment are required prior to the beginning of the playing season

  • Early Registration begins: early March

  • Early Registration ends and Regular Registration begins: March 31

  • Team Preference Deadline: April 9

  • Player Registration Deadline: April 16

  • Season Begins: April 23 (G2) and April 24 (G3)

  • 19 games expected for G2 and 21 games for G3

  • Season Expected to End: September 17 (G2) and September 18 (G3)


Why Is CIHA moving G2 and G3 to Advanced Registration?

Canterbury has only one rink with a limited amount of ice time for hockey (particularly prime ice slots). CIHA is a growing club with a record number of players in 2022, and must increasingly use its allocated ice carefully. For organised leagues with refereed games, this means top consideration should be given to players who commit to playing for a team on a regular basis throughout a season, which is the overwhelming number of players in CIHA. Although the casual player model has benefits to players who prefer a flexible “drop in” style without a season-long commitment, it also has drawbacks.

CIHA’s historical “manager-is-financially-responsible” model of collecting playing fees from both full time and casual players has resulted in unacceptable risk and financial complications in recent years to both Team Managers and the CIHA. CIHA’s auditor has encouraged CIHA to cease this practice, particularly due to lack of financial transparency and the risk it poses to our club and its members.

CIHA is therefore moving to an Advanced Registration method used by the vast majority of ice hockey clubs and other sporting organisations throughout the world, which is for players to commit to playing and paying for a season in advance. Players benefit with Advanced Registration because they can see playing fees in advance and budget accordingly. An automated installment payment option allows players to spread costs over the entire season.

Advanced Registration is not new to CIHA. CIHA Youth leagues have used it since the beginning of 2021. CIHA’s winter Premier Division and summer G1 have been using Advanced Registration, as has G4. With more than half of CIHA members already using Advanced Registration with positive results, CIHA is committed to continuing to strengthen our club for the benefit of our members by moving all leagues to this method. Both G2 and G3 Senior Leagues will move to this method for Winter 2023 and beyond.

What about playing casually in G2 and G3?

We recognise that some long-standing players on a team may not always be in a position to commit to a full season of play every season. Winter G2 and G3 teams will be allowed to have up to 4 named casual players, although registering as a Casual requires a registration fee which does not pay for or guarantee any games (the Casual registration fees are used to reduce the goalie and Full Season player fees). A Casual can only play in a particular game if registered as a Casual for the team and a full season team member is unavailable.


Players will be able to register as a Casual with their team or as a Free Agent (and will be assigned to a team if there is space). Registering as a Free Agent does not guarantee a spot on a team, as each team will have a maximum of 4 casual players. Free agent casuals not assigned a team will be refunded.


It is recommended that Players wishing to register as a Casual organise this with their team manager and have their name submitted as a casual player on the team roster.

Won’t some people just stop playing G2/G3 if Advanced Registration is required and Casuals are limited?

Probably. CIHA is fully aware that a number of players will not be able or willing to commit to a team to play for a full season. This may lead to some players dropping out of playing in these leagues, which is unfortunate but necessary during CIHA's transition to Advanced Registration. It’s possible that some teams will have an insufficient number of players registered in advance to form a team. In this case the team may receive Free Agents, or may be dissolved and players reallocated to other teams.


CIHA will continue to offer drop-in style games like Masters, and also expects to offer occasional additional scrimmages or playing opportunities for players.

How do I pay my registration fees?

Players will no longer pay their Team Manager. Payment is made during the online registration process and is required to complete registration. You must register by the deadline and make initial payment in order to play.


If you have not paid your yearly CIHA and NZIHF memberships fees, these will be added to your online cart automatically.


Why do I have to pay CIHA and NZIHF membership fees?

CIHA is a non-profit organisation with considerable expenses related to organising and offering ice hockey in Canterbury and therefore requires charging a membership fee in order to function. Some of the expenses include accounting systems, auditors, website, equipment such as nets, score bench and clock, representation at NZIHF meetings, and more. NZIHF fees go toward similar expenses incurred in the organisation and management of ice hockey at the national level, and the NZIHF, in turn, also supports regional initiatives.


This is not new: CIHA members have been required to pay CIHA and NZIHF membership fees for decades.


Why are there only 6 teams expected in G2?

There are 6 teams due to the expected number of players, and ice time limitations including game losses due to public holidays and other scheduling challenges such as Inferno/Red Devil home games. We believe 6 teams strikes the right balance with these factors, including trying to maximise the number of games we can fit in and minimising the amount of time teams need to skip a game week due to byes.


Who can play in G2 and G3?

Players graded 2 or 3 can register for their respective grades. Players may register to “play up” a grade, but not down. Players “playing up” may register for a specific team, if agreed to by a team manager, or may register as a Free Agent. Unless invited by a team manager, placement on a team is not guaranteed if “playing up”.

What about Winter Grade 4?

Due to constraints around ice time, we are not offering a formal G4 league in winter. G4 players are encouraged to register for G3, but priority will be given to G3 players unless the G4 player is named on a team list by a current G3 manager.


We are working to schedule regular ice times for a coached G4 skills / Learn to Play program, however. And other playing opportunities may also be made available during the season. Masters is also available for players in 35+ range all year round.

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