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Gear Information

Where Can I Find Gear?

Player safety comes first, and it's important that players have the appropriate protective gear. 

Can I Hire Gear from CIHA?

We offer hire gear for $39 per school term for children in our Learn To Play and Under-12 Super League programs, and $59 per term for older children in other programs. We have a very limited supply of gear for older children (15+) and do not offer hire gear for adults. Note: gear hire requires a $50 refundable bond.

Where Can I Purchase Gear?

CIHA does not sell gear. Some recommendations:

  • Alpine Ice Sports Centre Pro Shop carries a range of gear and can provide friendly, hands-on assistance.

  • Centre Ice is a long-established Auckland-based provider of gear and offers good service and economical shipping. 

  • Overseas sellers, such as Hockey Monkey, are an excellent resource for sizing guides and understanding the range of products. Shipping costs can be prohibitive or unavailable, however.

  • Used gear available locally can be found on the Canterbury Ice Hockey Gear Buy Sell & Exchange Facebook group.

  • Used gear can also be found online through sites like TradeMe and other Facebook groups such as CIHA Seniors, CIHA Youth, or NZ Ice/Inline Gear.

  • Finally, chat with other parents or players! Someone might be willing to part with some gear their child has outgrown.

How Do I Care for My Gear?

Ice hockey gear is durable and easy to care for: everything but your helmet and skates can be machine washed or soaked in a tub with warm water and laundry detergent then air dried. Numerous tips and guides can be found online.

What Gear Do I Need?

Ensure you have all the necessary gear! We'd be happy to help you with gear hire or direct you to sizing information and purchase options.

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