Gear Information

Where Can I Find Gear?

Player safety comes first, and it's important that players have the appropriate protective gear. 

Can I Hire Gear from CIHA?

We offer hire gear for $29 per school term for children in our Learn To Play, Under-9, and Under-12 programs and $49 per term for older children in other programs. We have a very limited supply of gear for older children (15+) and adults. Note: gear hire requires a $50 refundable bond.

Where Can I Purchase Gear?

CIHA does not sell gear. We recommend you look into the following:

  • Alpine Ice Sports Centre Pro Shop carries a range of gear and can provide friendly, hands-on assistance.

  • Centre Ice is a long-established Auckland-based provider of gear and offers good service and economical shipping. 

  • Overseas sellers, such as Hockey Monkey, are an excellent resource for sizing guides and understanding the range of products. Shipping costs can be prohibitive or unavailable, however.

  • Used gear can sometimes be found online through sites like TradeMe.

  • Finally, chat with other parents or players! Someone might be willing to part with some gear their child has outgrown.

How Do I Care for My Gear?

Ice hockey is an active sport, and the equipment naturally captures some of that activity in the form of perspiration. Fortunately, hockey gear is durable and easy to care for: everything but your helmet and skates can be machine washed or soaked in a tub with warm water and laundry detergent then air dried. Numerous tips and guides can be found online.

What Gear Do I Need?

Ensure you have all the necessary gear! We'd be happy to help you with gear hire or direct you to sizing information and purchase options.