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Adult Player Registration (Ages 18+ as at 31 December, 2022)

Summer 2022-2023 Ice Hockey Season


Players wishing to play in any CIHA league/team in winter 2021 or summer 2021-2022 must register. This includes all senior, youth, women's, and masters' leagues, as well as all Canterbury representative teams. Parents of youth players already registered in a program that required CIHA and NZIHF membership purchase do not have to complete this registration.

This registration does not cover the cost of your playing fees for your league/team. Your league/team will provide you with enrolment and payment instructions for playing fees in your league/team.

This registration requires purchase of your yearly CIHA and New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation (NZIHF) memberships. These memberships are required for you to play in your CIHA league/team. Choose the correct membership during registration:

  • CIHA and NZIHF Junior (Age 20 and younger as at 31 Dec 31): $95

  • CIHA and NZIHF Senior (Age 21 and older as at 31 Dec 31): $115

You will create an online account to register and pay your membership fee with a credit/debit card. See our Registration Guide for help in creating your account. If you do not have a credit/debit card, please email us at to arrange registration. If you have questions or need help, please email

Why Do I Have To Pay Membership Fees?

CIHA is a non-profit organisation with considerable expenses related to organising and offering ice hockey in Canterbury and therefore requires charging a membership fee in order to function. Some of the expenses include accounting systems, auditors, website, equipment such as our new nets, score bench and clock, representation at NZIHF meetings, and more. This is not new: CIHA members have been required to pay membership fees for decades.

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