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CIHA 2021 Annual General Meeting (November AGM)

Thanks to everyone who attended the CIHA AGM. The original notice and documents can be found on this page.


The Canterbury Ice Hockey Association Committee is pleased to announce 2021 AGM (November) details:

  • Date: Sunday, November 21st, 2021

  • Arrival Time: 1.00pm (doors open)

  • Meeting Time: 1.30pm (to conclude by 4.00pm)

  • Location: Burnside Bowling Club, 330 Avonhead Road, Christchurch

  • Agenda: Please see AGM Information, below, for the Agenda.

The AGM is an opportunity for our members to gather to learn more about our association, voice suggestions and concerns, and vote on important issues, including the election of the CIHA committee who will govern the club in 2021-2022.

Covid Contingency

If the AGM is unable to take place in person on the scheduled date and time, the meeting is expected to take place via videoconference on Sunday, December 5th at 1.30p, with details to be announced.

Please click the "Notice and Agenda" button for a full AGM notice and agenda. We hope you are able to attend the AGM and we welcome your participation. If you intend to vote, please arrive as early as possible so that we can verify your eligibility and issue your ballot.

Kind Regards,

Canterbury Ice Hockey Association

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